Ladies Competitions

All members of the Ladies Section of the Club should visit this page regularly for updates on:

Results of  recent competitions and tournaments

Progress and scores of current competitions and tournaments

Notices of up coming events that have been called or will soon be called for nominations

Club Competition Results – 2019

Left: Ladies Championship Singles Winner 2019 – Sandra Burgess (with President Sandy Bianchi)
Right: Ladies Championship Singles Runner Up – Judy Nowell (with President Sandy Bianchi)

Left: Ladies Championship Pairs Winners 2019 – June Hillier/Wendy Collins (with President Sandy Bianchi)
Right: Ladies Championship Pairs Runners Up – Terry Heath/Sandra Burgess (with President Sandy Bianchi)

Current & Recent Competitions

Consistency Singles – Semi Finals

Tulu Chippendale def Sandra Burgess (injured)
Jenny Hearn def Judy Nowell

Consistency Singles – FINAL

Tulu Chippendale def Jenny Hearn

Upcoming Ladies Competitions – 2018

No further Ladies competition scheduled for 2018

General Photos

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