Mixed/Open Competitions

All members of the Club should visit this page regularly for updates on:

Results of recent mixed/open competitions and tournaments

Progress and scores of current mixed/open competitions and tournaments

Notices of up coming mixed/open events that have been called or will soon be called for nominations

Recent Competition Results

Club Mixed Fours 2018 – FINAL

Deb Hanley/Wayne Heath/Sandra Burgess/Barry Burgess def
Jenny Hearn/Barry Hearn/Julie McInally/John See

Club Mixed Pairs 2018 – FINAL

Jenny Hearn/John See def Deb Handley/Barry Hearn

Current Competitions

Club Mixed Fours – Semi Finals
(Played Sunday 13th January)

Pam Andrew/Kerry Cook/Kay Cook/John Andrew
Jenny Dingle/Tulu Chippendale/Harvey Dingle/Allan Mutch

Betty Manwarring/Denis Young/Judy Nowell/John Nowell
Christine Long/Sonja Slater/Alan Eversham/John Murfett

Upcoming Competitions – 2019

Club Mixed Fours – 2019

Nominations Close: Thursday 27th December
Round 1: Saturday 5th January
Round 2: Sunday 6th January
Final: Sunday 13th January

General Photos

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