Social Bowls

All members  should visit this page regularly. We will keep you updated on:

Weekly updates of results of Ladies, Men’s and Mixed/Open Social Bowls

Notices of up coming social bowls that are outside our normal social calendar.

Social Bowls – Weekly Activities

Please assist us by following a few simple rules:

  1. Team or single entries to be in by 12.00pm (noon)
  2. Green fees paid by 12.30pm
  3. Be in the Clubhouse at 12.45pm for announcements and calling of the cards
  4. If after nominating, circumstances prevent you from playing, you must notify the Games Organisers as soon as possible so that adjustments to the draw can be made
  5. Communicate with your team members and ensure that each team is nominated only once

Thanks heaps :). Your assistance in these matters will help ensure everything commences on time.

Weekly Events

Sunday: Mixed/Open Pairs – 3rd Sunday of the month is open/mixed triples “Jackpot Sunday”

Monday: Mixed/Open Turkey pairs. 2 games x 11 ends. Accumulating jackpot – increases by $50 each week.

Tuesday: Ladies Social Bowls

Wednesday: Barefoot Bowls 6.00pm to 8.30pm – Excellent opportunity to have a roll and see if you would like to play

Thursday: Men’s Pairs – 2nd Thursday of the month is “Money Day” –  up to $500 in prizes

Unless otherwise stated in the Club Calendar, all social games start at 1.00pm.

NOTE: As of June 1st and through the Winter months all social games will commence at 12.30pm

Recent Social Bowls Results

Turkey Pairs –  Monday 5th November

2 Game Winners: Bev Watt/Col Watt
Runners Up: June Hillier/Jim Hillier
1st Game Winners: Barry McDermott/Bert Hardstaff
2nd Game Winners: Dennis Fielding/Ash Powell

Thursday (Money Day) Men’s Pairs – 8th November

Winners: Dennis Harrison/Ash Powell
1st Runners Up: Walter Horn/Nev Hook
2nd Runners Up: Ray Campbell/John Mathews
3rd Runners Up: Darryl Raggatt/Wayne Heath
Highest Margin: Merv Bradford/Harvey Dingle
1st Lucky Losers: Potta Barker/Bill Dilg
2nd Lucky Losers: Graeme Hutchinson/Greg Cahill
3rd Lucky Losers: Grannie Pearce/John Jardine
4th Lucky Losers: Jack Hale/John O’Brien
1st Lucky Team: Mark Ram/John See
2nd Lucky Team: Mike Kernick/PeterSexton

Sunday (Jackpot) Open Triples – 11th November

Winners: Di McCarthy/Bill McCarthy/John See
Runners Up: Rocky Murdaca/Gary Robinson/Paul Bianchi
2nd Runners Up: Greg Cahill/Sandra Burgess/Barry Burgess
1st Lucky Losers: Janelle Emery/Allan Setter/David Jankovic
2nd Lucky Losers: Colleen Kidner/Val Kohn/Tulu Chippendale
3rd Lucky Losers: Ross Hoiberg/Judy Nowell/John Nowell

Social Games To Put In Your Diary

Turkey Pairs Break Up Day –  Monday 10th December

Lots of Hams to be WON!
Open (Ladies/Men/Mixed) Pairs – 2 Games x 11 Ends
1.00 PM start – Green Fees Paid by 12.45 PM

$1000 Christmas Cheer Triples – Sunday 16th December

$1000 Worth of Seafood & Hams to be Won!
Open (Ladies/Men/Mixed) Triples
1.00 PM Start – Green Fees Paid by 12.45 PM

Social Bowls Monthly Events

Men’s Money Day – 2nd Thursday each month

  • Prize Money: 70% of Green Fees up to a total of $500
  • Winners and Runners up based on Margins
  • All remaining prize money is by lucky winner/loser rink draw

Jackpot Sunday – Mixed/Open Triples –  3rd Sunday each Month

  • Prize Money: $300
  • Jackpot: If not won increases by $100 per week
  • When Jackpot reaches $1000: Continuous draw until Jackpot is won

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