Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer your questions on a variety of topics such as learning to play bowls, club activities, membership, club committees and where to go for further information.  If you cannot find the answer here please ask a club committee member who will either answer your questions or direct you to someone who can.

I would like to to play bowls but I don't know anyone who can teach me.

The club runs FREE coaching sessions every Saturday morning at 9.00 am unless the greens are required for tournaments or competition. Accredited coaches are there to give you tuition and help you during the learning stage.

What is Barefoot Bowls?

Barefoot bowls is a fun game where you can play in bare feet or socks rather than the approved type of footwear.  It is a fun way to try out the sport and mix with others before you join a club and buy bowls and bowls clothing.  The club has a game of barefoot bowls every Wednesday night. For game times etc see the social bowls page.

Can I learn to play if I don't have any bowls?

Yes, the club has bowls that you can use when learning or playing barefoot bowls.  Once you have decided that you enjoy bowls then you are expected to join the club, purchase bowls and if playing competition you would also require the club uniform.

How can I join Bargara Bowls Club?

You can download a copy of the membership application from the membership page, fill it out and bring it to the club where a committee member will help you through the joining process.

How do I know when I can play bowls at Bargara ?

The club produces an annual calendar.  There is also an online version in PDF format for viewing or download.

How do I put my name down for a game of bowls?

There are weekly games nominations sheets in the bowls office. You may put yourself in as part of a team or a single entry.  If you enter as a single entry please indicate if you are a new bowler or what position you prefer to play and the games organisers will match you up with other single entries to form a team.

For game times and requirements please visit the social bowls page.

Who runs the Bargara Bowls Club ?

The Bargara Bowls Club is governed by the Management Committee which is elected, by the club members at the annual general meeting (AGM).  This committee comprises the Chairman, secretary Treasurer, Ladies President, Men’s President and two (2) executive members.

The Ladies and Men’s Presidents then each form a sub committee or the day to day running of Ladies, Men’s and mixed/open bowls events.  While the subcommittees are vital to the functioning of the club they do not control club funds.  The Management Committee has the complete control of all club monies, equipment and plant.

who tells the Management Committee how they should run the club ?

The Club administration is controlled by the Constitution and By-Laws approved, by members, with a 75% majority at a general meeting.  The constitution and By-Laws and any subsequent changes to them must be approved by the Office of Fair Trading before they can be officially accepted.

The Club Treasurer is required to submit the clubs financial records for audit before presenting his annual report to the club members.

Can the club discipline members for bad behaviour?

Yes paragraph 9 of the Club Constitution details the actions open to the Management Committee and their rights and responsibilities in this matter. Subsequent paragraphs detail the members rights and their avenue for appeal against the committees decision if they feel the outcome is unjust or too harsh.

What is the Greens Policy?

A policy document exists in relation to this and is filed in the club office.

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