Social Bowls

All members  should visit this page regularly. We will keep you updated on:

Weekly updates of results of Ladies, Men’s and Mixed/Open Social Bowls

Notices of up coming social bowls that are outside our normal social calendar.

Weekly Bowls Activities

Please assist us by following a few simple rules:

  1. Team or single entries to be in by 12.00pm (noon)
  2. Green fees paid by 12.30pm ($10-00)
  3. Be in the Clubhouse at 12.45pm for announcements and calling of the cards
  4. If after nominating, circumstances prevent you from playing, you must notify the Games Organisers as soon as possible so that adjustments to the draw can be made
  5. Communicate with your team members and ensure that each team is nominated only once

Thanks heaps :). Your assistance in these matters will help ensure everything commences on time.

Weekly Events

SUPER SUNDAY:Mixed/Open triples – last Sunday of the month. The next game will be 28th NOVEMBER,2021
Come along and enjoy a fun afternoon of bowls;
TUESDAY 23rd NOVEMBER; Ladies consistency  singles 9am start and winners to play again at 1 pm; Social bowls to star at 1-00 pm

TWLIGHT BOWLS: Played every Sunday, except the last Sunday of the month.
Start time: 4-30 pm till 6-45 pm
Two games of 3 bowl pairs, mixed or otherwise (9 ends). Winners play winners and Losers play losers. Prizes depend on number of players nominated to play in the event.

Monday: Mixed/Open Turkey pairs. 2 games x 11 ends. Accumulating jackpot – increases by $50 each week.
Tuesday: Ladies Social Bowls
Thursday: Men’s Pairs – 2nd Thursday of the month is “Money Day” –  up to $500 in prizes
Unless otherwise stated in the Club Calendar, all social games start at 1.00pm.


Weekly Bowls Results & News


MONDAY 22nd November:
Turkey Pairs: 
Winners;  R and B Henness; Runners up K.Bayntun and G.Silverthorne; second Runners up B.Watt and B.McDermott; Winners first game; A.Adam and L.Dunn; winners second game B.Burgess and A.Mutch

THURSDAY 25th NOVEMBER: Men’s pairs winners W.Heath and W.Waugh; Runners up F.Plant and B.Dunn; second runners up.R.Harvey  and D.Jankovic; Sportsman’s P.Barker and B.Hearn, 2nd sportsman K.Hiley and P. Farrell.

FINAL “B” TRIPLES: Saturday 27th November 
Greg Cahill, Lloyd Poulsen and P. Pitt Def.F.Plant, R.Murdaca and A.Poke. 25-22
This was a very close finish which went down to the final end. Congratulations to the winners!

SUPER SUNDAY: Check the board in the office for information re the next Super Sunday.

*Please adhere to the COVID rules and make sure to check-in on arrival at the Club, including rollups.

Social Games To Put In Your Diary

Social Bowls Monthly Events

          MEN’S  MONEY DAY – 2nd Thursday each month

  • Prize Money: 70% of Green Fees up to a total of $500
  • Winners and Runners up, (depending on the number of nominations)
  • Sportsman prizes


  • 3 sets of (7) ends.
    Each player to takes turns at Skip, 2nd and lead
    Each Bargara bowl member to receive a free ticket in the raffle for a set of bowls
    Start time is 1-00 pm
    Single entries are most welcome


  • TWLIGHT BOWLS – Sundays, other than the last Sunday of the Month
  • Two games of 3 bowl pairs, mixed or otherwise (9 ends)
    Start times 4-30 pm till 6-45 pm.
    Winners play winners and losers play losers. Prizes are depentant on the number of bowlers entered,


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